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Design and construction inspection of a traffic roundabout in downtown Castle Rock. The project involved upgrading the existing stop-controlled intersection along Wilcox Avenue, requiring extensive coordination with adjacent landowners and the town’s public works department to ensure that all parties’ objectives were incorporated into the design.

Castle Rock Traffic Roundabout

Civil design services for a seven-story mixed-use building in downtown Castle Rock that incorporates retail and restaurant space with a plaza, office space, residential units, and a parking garage. Stormwater management involved the design of a modular suspended pavement system that uses soil volumes to support large tree growth and provide stormwater quality control through absorption, evapotranspiration, and interception.


Completed in 2019, Riverwalk involved the redevelopment of two blocks in the heart of downtown Castle Rock. Bookending Sellars Gulch, the mixed-use development provides residential, retail, and office space providing amenities only previously seen in downtown Denver developments. Close coordination with the project team and Town staff resulted in a vibrant redevelopment helping to revitalize Downtown Castle Rock. Engineering challenges related to the proximity of the gulch and limited space to provide for stormwater management were achieved through an efficient design.


Located next to the Riverwalk buildings at the corner of Wilcox Street and 3rd, this near zero lot line project provides 28 luxury residential apartments with ground floor retail space. Through an innovative design, the entire lot footprint was developed while stormwater quality standards were met by repurposing features constructed with the Riverwalk North project.

Riverwal Luxe

A 1,786 lot residential development surrounding the Spring Valley Golf Club in Elbert County. Design included overlot grading, utility design, and water and sanitary infrastructure to support the community. Extensive stormwater modeling was provided to complete the road network that traverses several large drainageways including two bridges across Running Creek. Responsible for creating water infrastructure from collection, pumping and distribution. The development also included creation of a wastewater treatment plant and reuse facility. The terrain of the site and large scale of the development also required the design of two lift stations that included approvals with Colorado Department of Health.

Spring Valley Ranch

A 27,000 square foot building that will serve as a research and development facility. This project was located on a vacant parcel within an existing business park and relied on an existing detention pond and thus a grading plan that took advantage of this resource for stormwater management.

Dransfeldt Place

Las Animas Middle School – Outdoor Classroom/Playground Improvements Providing site/utility/grading plans for outdoor classrooms including stadium style seating area, student social areas, and play equipment. Highly detailed grading plans required to ensure all components worked together as conceived by the project Architect and School District. Panorama Middle School – Drainage Improvements Drainage improvements brought school grounds into compliance with current water quality regulations.

School Projects

Design of single family residential subdivision in Bennett, CO. Included extensions of water and sewer into the town infrastructure as well as a lift station to serve the community.

Penrith Park

Civil engineering services involved repurposing an existing warehouse for use as a data center. Work involved reconfiguring existing parking lot and wet/dry utility alignments to accommodate building expansion, adding additional parking and landscaped areas, and bringing the site into compliance with current drainage criteria.

Latisys Data Center

Civil engineering design services for a helicopter hanger and crew facilities at existing hospital. Project required reconfiguration of existing parking and utilities to accommodate the new building.

Air Life at Sky Ridge Medical Center

Engineering services for a multifamily residential development in Arvada, CO. Services included grading, drainage, and utility plans for the development. Site required floodplain development on Van Bibber Creek with the Mile High Flood District and creation of a drop structure including a CLOMR/LOMR process with FEMA.

Timberline Farms

Design of a 4-mile, two-lane roadway in Elbert County, CO. Design included plan and profiles, stormwater design for multiple storm crossings. Applications to FEMA for two major creek crossings to acquire a Conditional Letter of Map Revision. Modifications to existing intersections that included additional turn lanes and roadway widening.

Country Road 178


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